Give Your Students Smarter School WiFi in NYC

As educational institutions are challenged to keep up with technological progress and provide greater access and connectivity to students, their needs also continue to evolve.


New York schools, school districts, colleges, and universities require vast coverage, impermeable security, and reliable connections for students and staff. New York City educational institutions also have unique requirements; they need their WiFi to reach throughout common areas, classrooms, housing facilities, and outdoor campus areas. The only problem is, tight budgets and overwhelmed IT staff make it difficult for New York City schools to maintain the connectivity students need.

Luckily, Ruckus Smart WiFi can provide New York City schools a cost-effective, robust wireless network infrastructure that will have no problem keeping up with your students. NYC educational institutions can benefit from: 

  • Consistent, reliable connectivity that is unmatched by any other WiFi system
  • Exponentially larger coverage areas, with fewer access points
  • Security support for 802.1x, WPA (PSK) and WPA-2 (AES), plus encryption key security
  • Adaptable, “self-healing” systems with adaptive signal technology
  • Incredibly affordable acquisition costs 

Ruckus Wireless Academic Solutions Are Ideal For:

  • College campuses
  • Universities 
  • Dormitories 
  • Libraries
  • High schools
  • Private schools 
  • Specialized academies 

Superior, Flexible WiFi Solutions for New York’s Schools 

Ruckus academic wireless solutions and ZoneFlex™ access points create smarter school WiFi topologies, no matter what your campus looks like. 

  • Quick and Easy Deployment in Hours: Place ZoneFlex access points wherever you need them, and configure the school’s entire WLAN in minutes from a single screen.
  • BeamFlex Signal Steering Technology: ZoneFlex access points each integrate BeamFlex, a high-gain directional smart antenna array that dynamically adjusts wireless signal around interference and obstacles to the best performing path.
  • Customizable, Tiered User Access: Each ZoneFlex access point supports 8 discrete network identities, independently configurable for unique user parameters or security settings.
  • Indoor and Outdoor WiFi Elasticity: with SmartMesh wireless meshing technology, schools don’t need to run Ethernet cables to every access point. Coverage can be extended easily with outdoor mesh access points.

Check out these academic case studies and find out how to your smart WiFi in to even smarter students:

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Case Study: Baruch College

Graduating to Better Wi-Fi With Less Equipment-Campus Wide


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