Ruckus vs Aruba

Ruckus vs Aruba

Some Efforts Just Don't Make Enough of a Ruckus

The Future of Wireless Connectivity

In what is perhaps the biggest acquisition of 2015, HP has announced a definitive agreement in which Aruba will be acquired as a subsidiary for $3 billion. Aruba hopes to broaden its portfolio of networking products with flexibility and choice through a shared vision of open system networking. Aruba also aims to increase its global reach with HP’s resources while maintaining its culture. Negotiations between these two giants are expected to come to a close between May 2015 and October 2015, but we have news for those expecting the best out of the gentle giant, when it comes to reliable wireless connectivity we’ll never stop making a Ruckus!

Some Dogs are all Bark and No Bite
Unlike many of its competitors, Ruckus focuses exclusively on WiFi and is not sidetracked by technologies unrelated to it or contrasting company needs. It is an ideal WiFi solution supported by a degree of significant proficiency hardly ever seen. Ruckus is the only WiFi vendor that builds their APs and controllers from the ground up to deliver robust speeds and performance. Everything from the antennas, AP hardware, software, and management is designed by the same engineering group with the same WiFi ideals in mind.

Ruckus devices have over-gone continuous testing, both light and strenuous - by experts and 3rd party consumers. According to well known unbiased reviewer Tom’s Hardware, Ruckus is unmatched in video performance; they state, “the future of video-capable WiFi depends on a directional signal-boosting technique called beamforming… [the] Ruckus approach to on-antenna beamforming could prove revolutionary in inspiring the next wave of wireless networking designs.” Ruckus’ dedicated approach to the WiFi market sets them apart from competitors and their WiFi only standard leaves customers with a secure state of mind.

Aruba vs Ruckus, which is more practical?
When it comes to pricing, Aruba analysts will have you fooled. They claim that their products are superior and rationalize their inflated prices with this false mentality. In actuality, Ruckus delivers high-speed robust internet with fewer APs, meaning a lower cost to you, the customer. Ruckus products outshine competitors in both performance and affordability. In a series of tests, the Ruckus ZoneFlex 802.11n Smart WLAN system outperformed similar wireless systems from leading wireless vendors, including Aruba Networks. Results from tests showed throughput gains from 36 to 180 Mbps over Aruba systems and Cisco’s highly boasted chip-based beamforming.

Ruckus vs Aruba and Leading Vendors Graph Ruckus vs Aruba and Leading Vendors

The Aruba vs Ruckus testing consisted of real-world scenarios and problems such as obstacles, distance, client rotation, multiple frequencies, and different types of traffic. Vice President of Engineering for Ruckus Wireless, Steve Martin says, "we welcome and encourage this type of wireless testing because it reflects how customers actually deploy and use wireless products." With year after year of revenue growth doubling, you can be sure Ruckus isn’t desperate for money, in fact their profits primarily go into the development of new products.

User Interface, it’s complicated With the ZoneDirector, the Ruckus vs Aruba ease of use margin could not be any wider. Aruba’s web interface is handy, but Ruckus’ user interface is so well designed that a Tier 1 technician can gain familiarity with its interface and function within a couple of hours for general support and diagnostic tasks. “We run Ruckus here. Its basically zero touch. We bought the stuff, slapped it on the walls and the controller in the rack, configured our SSID, and voila, all done. Entire thing configured in less than 10 minutes,” said Tim Riley, K-12 network manager. Ruckus is regarded as one of the simplest WiFi solutions to deploy, manage, and support, opposite Aruba, which is reputable as one of the most complex WiFi solutions.

WiFi Focused Solutions Ultimately it comes down to the basics when choosing Ruckus vs Aruba. What do you care about more, network security or network performance? Aruba is a security company who produces revenue through wireless security products and firewalls, while Ruckus is a WiFi only vendor. Having a company specifically engineered towards one goal makes all the difference in a product’s capabilities and includes a great variety of benefits to your company and network including, but not limited to:

  • Client Load Balancing
  • Airtime Fairness
  • Intelligent Support for Apps
  • Band Steering
  • Adaptive RF Optimization
  • High Performance
  • Active Interference Mitigation

 Aruba vs Ruskus Test Results Graph Aruba vs Ruckus Test Results

Ruckus is the only company to deliver promised WiFi throughput and performance without excuses or compromise, that’s because only Ruckus arms you with the right tools for your environment. While competitors are occupied networking, Ruckus is getting busy improving your network.

Contact Ruckus today to learn how to improve your managed internet services. Exceptional WiFi isn’t about pure speed and bandwidth, but how it’s managed, and remember no matter how many competitors join forces, Ruckus will always come out the top dog.