Ruckus Wireless Trade Up Program

Ruckus 802.11AC WAVE 2 Trade Up Program

Ruckus is set to release 802.11AC WAVE 2 products in June and is currently running a trade-up program to allow you to future-proof your network with next generation wireless access points and enjoy significant savings at the same time.

This is a limited time offer and it’s only available in the United States and Canada. By trading up your equipment, you’ll qualify for a 35% discount off list price plus an additional $200 (USD) cash back rebate when you trade up your existing access points for the Ruckus ZoneFlex R710 model or you can receive $100 (USD) cash back when you trade up for the ZoneFlex R500 model. This offer is only valid until September 30th 2015.

Terms and conditions

  • This program applies for access point models from all brand

  • This trade up program only applies to access points.

  • Controllers do not qualify for this program.

  • This is a 1 for 1 trade in, but there are no limits on the number of units that can be purchased.

  • There are separate shipping costs.

  • This promotion runs through September 30, 2015.

  • Old APs for must be returned by December 15, 2015.

  • APs that do not work will not qualify for the trade up program.

  • Slice Managed Solutions and Ruckus Wireless reserve the right the change or cancel this promotion at any time.

For more information and to begin the trade up process, contact us by phone 212-245-1818 or using web form.