Managed Bandwidth Services

Slice Smart Managed Bandwidth – Don’t be Over Sold!

Slice Managed Solutions is the leading provider of wired and wireless internet for businesses and events in New York City. Our staff are available 24/7 to help fulfill you network needs.

  • Internet / WiFi for Businesses
  • Internet / WiFi for Events
  • Dedicated Hard-Wire
  • 24/7 Remote & On-Site Support
  • Branded Portal Pages

Contact us today to set up Slice Smart Managed Bandwidth at your office or event. Our internet services are customized for your specific needs including amount of users, required bandwidth and network policies. 

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  • How big is your demand?
    With Slice you only need a minimum amount of bandwidth to get maximum output. We make the most of what you have by optimizing the amount of usage per user so that no-one gets too little or too much. We will provide live reporting to truly understand your situational requirements. Are you paying extra for employees to be able to stream video when it’s not needed for their work or for event attendees to download files on your network when all you want them to do is post on social media sites? We work with you to set policies and minimums for every type of user on your network, from executives to office workers to event attendees. With Slice Smart Managed Bandwidth, those extra costs are eliminated.
  • You need more than one network!
    ISPs never ask this question and typically create just one network to be used by everyone one in your office. With today’s security issues you want to have separate “private” networks for each of your business areas. Separating your lobby from your corporate finance from your main office area. If you’re having an event, you want to be able to have the production team or paying client to be isolated from the bandwidth assigned to event guests and exhibitors. With Slice Smart Managed Bandwidth, you get all the networks and VLANs you need to have a fully secure network.
  • You need a lot of bandwidth but only sometimes!
    Slice Smart Managed Bandwidth has you covered! Our advanced Smart Bandwidth comes with the ability to pay a little extra to “burst” extra bandwidth for times when your internet needs may spike like tax time, end of month projects, or special events where there is an unusually large crowd at the location. Once the spike is over so is the cost and you're back to paying for the minimum—just what you need.
  • The right protocol and connection, always!
    With other bandwidth providers, you are stuck with what network they own and the specific areas they cover. This is more important than most people think — Fiber, Copper, Satellite, Cable DSL, T1, T3, OC4, 8, 16 and so on. These affect the upload and download speeds of your connection and how much the cost will be. If the provider’s network isn’t close to your location there will be hidden extra charges for getting it to your location. With Slice Smart Managed Bandwidth, you get the right protocol and the right connection in the right location for your environment. All adding to the savings.
  • Bandwidth Delivery Guaranteed.
    What good is the perfect service if it doesn’t work 24x7, 365 days a week? With Slice Smart Managed Bandwidth, the expected level of reliability, support and service, as well as backup options in the event of failure are guaranteed! With VoIP service, it’s an imperative! Our bandwidth is 1000x better than the average! Our SLA is 99.999% guaranteed uptime which translates to a maximum expected total of 26 seconds down time per month. Most companies only offer four nines — 99.99%— which means you can expect about five minutes of downtime per month. In the rare occasion you have a problem, downtime will always be refunded. For companies and events who cannot fail even for a second, a redundant line is always waiting just in case.
  • Secure, really secure.
    Our firewall is self-healing with no operator intervention to disturb network data flow. For extra measure, we add an agreed pre-programmed policy so if we don’t like what the user is doing their access is slowed to a crawl rendering the service useless.
  • Fastest portal access available.
    With your class of users defined, we can optimize your bandwidth like never before so you can supersize your treatment. Custom branded portals are fine-tuned to work with all common devices and are hosted locally for super-quick loading times.

 Contact us to learn more about Slice Smart Managed Bandwidth and how we can help take your business’ internet to the next level.