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Guest WiFi for hotels has become more than just an amenity, it’s now a necessity.

Delivering a hotel wireless network without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality could be difficult, unless you’re using Ruckus Solutions. Guests expect quality WiFi, both in public areas like lobbies or cafeterias and additionally in their own suites. As a high-traffic area of commerce, it’s expected that even New York City’s boutique hotels offer wireless internet throughout their entire establishment. High-speed WiFi for hotels in NYC isn’t just a perk anymore – it’s a requirement for doing business and satisfying clientele.

Hotel Wireless Solutions for New York

For any hotel looking to increase Revenues Per Available Room (RevPAR), the robust reliability of our wireless hotspot solutions for hotels helps managers maximize their establishment’s profitability. A property-wide WiFi network allows staff to function anywhere, providing increased communication and consistently high levels of customer service.

Our installation services involve combined SmartMesh Networking, directional, high-gain RF signal routing, and centralized management with 802.11n available from the Ruckus ZoneFlex™ system. With our technology, general managers can lower costs by focusing WiFi signals only where they’re needed and routing them around interference or obstacles. Hotel WiFi takes on a whole new dimension with Ruckus Wireless products. Your guests will enjoy:

  • Stronger signal
  • Ubiquitous coverage
  • More stable connections
  • Consistent performance

Our Hotel Wireless Solutions Are Ideal For:

  • Chain hotels
  • Boutique hotels
  • Resorts
  • Bed & breakfasts
  • Hotel event spaces
  • Motels 

Mandarin Oriental New York on Wi-Fi


5 Ways to Improve Guest Satisfaction at the Hotel by Improving Quality of WiFi

The Benefits of Hotel Wirelss Solutions with Ruckus

Hotels and hospitality properties benefit from Ruckus' undeniable service superiority.

  • Setup is almost instant. Ruckus Smart Wireless LAN system configures in just minutes, and installation is as easy as plugging in an access point. In many cases, older properties will not require retrofitting and pre-existing cabling can be utilized. 
  • Crystal-clear multimedia streaming. Only Ruckus WiFi systems enable latency-sensitive applications to be transmitted in real time, so there’s no flicker or static in your video and voice transmissions. Guests can enjoy effortless streaming without buffering or dropped signals. Everyone in the hotel industry knows, a happy guest becomes a returning client.
  • Tiered WiFi services. Each Smart WiFi access point supports up to 8 individual WiFi networks, meaning you can configure each network with its own policies (user thresholds, preferred access, etc.). Different levels of access can be offered in different locations within the hotel (unlimited access in public areas, paid access in room) all using the same wireless network.
  • Control remotely. Configure your hotel’s wireless system from anywhere, whether you’re across the country or across the globe. The Ruckus ZoneDirector allows for full transparency into the wireless network, enabling your technical team to manage the hotel wireless network without having to be in physically located in the hotel. 
  • Freemium accessRuckus Solutions can enable Freemium access for your property. A great way to cover the costs required in deploying a wireless network. Guests can receive some amount of free access and pay a nominal amount for continued access. Freemium access can be defined by time, room type, location within the hotel and more.

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Keeping Guests Happy and Coming Back — With Simply Better Wi-Fi

 By Alex Yakubov

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