Ruckus vs Cisco Wireless Certification Comparison

Ruckus Vs Cisco

Confused about which wireless accreditation you should acquire? Allow this post to aid you!

The growing wireless sector and fast developing prices of WiFi technology need even more IT experts to sustain its framework compared to before. In order to deal with needs, lots of network designers look to acquire wireless accreditations to obtain a lead in the very "dog eat dog” job market.

They’re a vast amount of IT accreditations available at the moment. For smaller sized categories such as wireless accreditation, there are numerous choices to select from consisting of CCNA Wireless Certification from Cisco to WiSE Certification from Ruckus Wireless. If you are simply beginning in the wireless industry it may be less complicated to side with Cisco simply because it is a well-known firm, however does that suggest that its accreditation program is the finest one?

Ruckus vs Cisco Wireless

The growing needs of wireless careers, calls for even more IT employees to be certified with the most recent innovations and required abilities, both CCNA Wireless Certification as well as WiSE Certification provide for this demand well. IT employees are required to have a WiSE Certification to set up as well as offer Ruckus tools, the exact same goes for CCNA Wireless Certification if you desire to set up Cisco items. A key factor differentiating Ruckus vs Cisco is that each training program focuses more on the implementation of their own items, but they both do guarantee that trainees are able to tend to the wireless needs of Enterprises and SMBs.

Accreditation Prerequisites

Both of these accreditations call for the IT employee to complete particular requirements before training. For consent to take the Cisco CCNA Wireless Certification training course, the candidate is required to have a Cisco CCENT, CCNA Routing and Switching or any kind of CCIE accreditation that could act as a requirement.

For the WiSE Certification all that the candidate is required to have is a fundamental understanding of WiFi equipment and Ruckus technology. The distinction between the requirements might show the reality of Ruckus tools being much easier to use compared to Cisco tools.

Training Locations

Ruckus has training companions worldwide. Candidates could take the accreditation program as well as examinations in 22 nations worldwide. In the United States, Ruckus provides training lessons in New York, by means of main training companion SLICE Managed Solutions, as well as in Sunnyvale, California at the Ruckus head office, covering the East as well as West coastlines of the United States.

For a significant company like Cisco, it is not shocking to know that they have even more training areas around the globe. Candidates could take the accreditation programs in 30 nations, consisting of several training areas in the USA.

Training Time

The time needed to finish these programs varies. While Cisco CCNA training takes the candidates 5 days to finish, Ruckus WiSE training simply needs 3 days in class as well as 2 hrs online. Given that both accreditations allow IT employees to assist the wireless requirements in Enterprises and also SMBs, the main question still exists, Ruckus vs Cisco training? Ruckus WiSE training appears to be a lot more effective compared to Cisco’s as well as less complicated to interpret.

Cost of Training

The rate should be one of the most vital components to contemplate if you are thinking about obtaining an accreditation. The costs to obtain these accreditations present one more huge distinction in deciding between Ruckus vs Cisco. Ruckus provides training lessons including 3 days of hands-on laboratory workouts beginning at $1,995.00.

Cisco's training companions ask for a concerning $3,000 for a 5 day CCNA training and also requires that trainees fulfill any requirements beforehand. CCENT training alone will certainly cost you an additional $3,000, increasing the overall rate to $6,000.


Roughly half of the WLAN market belongs to Cisco, notably a major networking company. In an interview with Mirek Burnejko, Gregor Vucajnk stated that companies with revolutionary technologies, like Ruckus, “can take quite a bite of the pie (WLAN market).” Gregor continues to say, “wireless certifications like these (Ruckus, Aerohive, etc.) do give you an edge.” Gregor additionally selected Ruckus WiSE Certification from all of the accreditations he had as the most useful in his profession. He also chose Ruckus WiSE for its uncomplicated requirements, reliable training program, affordable cost, as well as most notably, its edge in special technologies.